Ondo State Joint Promotion Exam 2019 Animal husbandry Answer


1ai) wholesaler a person or company that sells goods in large quantities at low prices, typically to retailers.
1aii)retailer a person or business that sells goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.

Pick any 3
• acidosis
• enterotoxemia
• pregnancy toxemia
• polioencephalomalacia
• urinary calculi.
2a)Pasteurization or pasteurisation is a process in which water and certain packaged and non-packaged foods (such as milk and fruit juice) are treated with mild heat, usually to less than 100 °C (212 °F), to eliminate pathogens and extend shelf life

2bi)Separators Dairy Equipment.
II) Homogenizer Dairy Equipment.
III) Pasteurizers Dairy Equipment.
If) Tanks Dairy Equipment.

2ci)Artificial pasture refers to an area of land covered with forage grasses and legumes which are deliberately planted by man.
3a) castration is the removal or inactivation of the testicles of animal

3b) Advantage

i) Greater weight gain
ii) easier and safer to manage .
iii) meat taste is not tainted..
No 5)

1)Honey bees play a significant role in the pollination of important crops such as cotton and flax.

2)the food that we consume each day relies on pollination mainly by bees.

3)​It can provide a great sense of community

4)​Honey has health benefits

5)​Bees produce a bunch of goods
6a) i)Water takes part in digestion (hydrolysis of protein, fats and carbohydrates).
ii) Water serves in absorption of digested nutrients.
iii)It helps in the transportation of metabolites in the body.
iv)Excretion of waste products.
v) The regulation of body temperature is dependent partially on the high conductive property of water to distribute heat within the body and by vapourization of excess water release by metabolic reaction within the cells.




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