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(i) Economic dependence and resource exploitation ; The basic idea behind colonization had aspects of economic dependency baked right into it. The British took the country’s resources, land and mineral included, leaving the natives dependent on them to generate funds.

(ii) Constant war and conflict; When Nigeria was overrun in the name of imperialism, it marked the beginning of conflict and war and these conflicts were largely fueled by the colonizers in a well-thought divide and rule strategy.

(iii) Loss of culture and identity; When the colonialists took over the country’s rule during the colonial era, the natives suffered a massive culture and identity loss. The British brought and imposed their culture, language, behaviour, beliefs, and other ways of life on the Nigerians. This then led to the natives abandoning some of their customs and culture in favour of those brought by the colonizers.

(iv) Loss of land One of the biggest reasons for British colonialism in Nigeria was the abundant resources. The British needed the land to create massive plantations for their economic gain.

(v) Slave trade and humiliation; The introduction of colonialism into Nigeria, the twisted idea of the slave trade followed suit. At the time, the colonial masters needed slaves to work in their home countries or in the colonies. Additionally, imperialism reduced the status and prestige accorded to Nigerian leaders.



(i) Religious Influence; Islam encourages the traditional teachings of brotherhood, generosity, sexual discipline, honesty, orderliness, kindness and mutual love. Polytheism which initially prevailed was replaced with monotheism, the central theme of Islamic teaching. Traditional rituals that paid homage or reverence to natural objects were regarded as acts of idolatry; the most heinous sin in Islam.

(ii) Educational Influence; The introduction of Islam to Nigeria was important because Arabic is regarded as the language of Islam, as performing some Islamic rituals required mastery of the language. As a result, many Qur’anic and Arabic schools sprung up in all places where Islam was launched.

(iii) Influence on Language; The adoption of Arabic language as an academic discipline in Nigeria paved the way for language diffusion. Some loan words in several Nigerian languages come from Arabic language, and were imported into Islam.

(iv) Social Influence; Islam also influenced many other parts of social life of Nigerian communities. One feature common to several Nigerian communities’ culture is that they fully respect their traditional rulers.



(i)The Aare is also to foster unity among the Yorubas and become a rallying point for the promotion of Yoruba culture and tradition. In this regard, he must work assiduously with other eminent personalities in the Southwest to actualise a common front on the issues that can advance both the Yoruba and national interests.

(ii)The Aare Ona Kakanfo title is a very sensitive position in Yorubaland. It was a title given to the generalissimo, the war general during the old Oyo Empire. At the time, an Aare Ona Kakanfo would lead battles, fight wars, mobilise, train soldiers and conquer the enemies. The introduction of the title was informed by the need to fortify the ancient, pre-colonial army of the old Oyo Empire, which at one time could boast of over 100,000 horsemen.

(i)They advised the Alaafin on good governance. And they helped in the maintenance of law and order. In other words They took part in the 3 installation of a new Alaafin.

(ii)They performed religious functions. And they performed judicial functions. In other words they assisted in the organization of youths for communal development

(iii)They took part in the selection of a ne% Alaafin. And they initiated laws. In other words they acted as checks on the powers of Oba e.g. removal of Alaafin from office. and they ensured implementation of policies.


(i) Major General Olusegun Obasanjo
(ii) General Yakubu Gowon
(iii) General Murtala Mohammed

(i) Launching of the first National Development Plan and built a modern infrastructure in Lagos.
(ii) Establishment of the National Youth Service Corps programme
(iii) Ending the Nigeria civil war


The statement by the group’s Acting President, Chief Anthony Ofoni, called on Urhobo youths in the 24 kingdoms and other ethnic youth groups in Delta State to mobilise into the farmlands after the expiration of the ultimatum and evict the herdsmen..

“This is to inform the Fulanis of Usman Dan Fodio leadership that after 48 hours, open grazing of cattle by nomadic people will be forbidden in Delta Central Senatorial District.

“The safety of herdsmen and their cattles still in the region after the expiration of the notice will no longer be guaranteed because they have sacked some of our communities in Uwheru and killed many Abraka farmers and we viewed the threat as a big insult on all Deltans”.

Reiterating it’s support for the decision of the 17 Southern Governors to put an end “to the old fashioned open grazing of cattle in the region”, the statement called on all ethnic youth groups to come out enmasse to defend their fatherlands, Delta State by chasing out the killer headsmen from the State.

Meanwhile, NAPS, in an open letter to the President signed by its Senate President, Comrade Dio Oghale Emeka Rex, frowned at the threat over Governor Ifeanyi Okowa’s support for the ban on open grazing in the Southern part of Nigeria.









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