Neco Biology Practical Specimen 2023/2024

Are you looking for Neco Biology Practical Specimen 2023 for all practical subjects? Do you want to see the list of specimens you are required to read to prepare for 2023 Neco Biology Practical Specimen and pass? If yes, you have arrived the right place.



Neco Questions and Answers 2023



Specimen A – Land snail

Specimen B – Toad

Specimen C – Spider

Specimen D – Crayfish

Specimen E – Spirogyra filaments

Specimen F – Mucor/Rhizopus

Specimen G – Groundnut seedling (A week old)

Specimen H – Maize seedling (A week old)

Specimen I – Microscope

Specimen J – Slide (plain)

Specimen K – Pigeon

Specimen L – Agama Lizard

Specimen M – Rat

Specimen N – Tilapia


2023 NECO Biology Practical SPECIMENS 

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