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Poor Transportation
(Choose Any Two)

(i)construction of new feeder roads to open up the rural areas
(ii)construction of water ways to link up the riverine area
(iii)construction of railways to connect rural areas to the urban centres
(iv)Reduction in transportation cost to make such affordable to the rural farmers
(v)Provision of vehicles ,boats and trains to facilitate the distribution of farm product

Environmental degradation
(Choose Any two)
(i)Flooding should be avoided
(ii)soil erosion should be properly checked
(iii)cover cropping should be practised
(iv)Terracing and strip cropping should also be practised
(v)Pollution and deforestation should be avoided

Use of crude farm input
(choose Any two)
(i)Government should subsidise the cost of farm input
(ii)Farm input should be supplied at the right time to farmers
(iii)Local sourcing of these inputs should be encouraged
(iv)Establishment of tractor- hiring unit at affordable costs to farmers

Soil texture is a classification instrument used both in the field and laboratory to determine soil classes based on their physical texture.

Soil structure describes the arrangement of the solid parts of the soil and of the pore space located between them.

soil profile is a vertical section of soil like the diagram above. It allows you to examine the structure of soil. A soil profile is divided into layers called horizons

(i)Grafting is the fastest way of growing popular, desirable varieties of fruiting trees & flowering shrubs on a large scale. (ii)Buy fruiting tree seeds online. Many commercially valuable plants are difficult to grow by other propagation methods like cutting & layering, but they respond well to grafting.
(iii)Scions are highly precious varieties, but the usually have poor rooting system, less vigor & weak defence against pathogens.


(ii)crop selection

(i)Storage in airtight bins helps maintaining insect free grains.
(ii)Before storing grains the go downs (store houses) should be disinfected. Following methods of disinfestations of store rooms are recommended
(iii)Threshing yard should be situated more than a mile away from the granaries so as to reduce the chance of pest reaching to granaries through migration.
(iv)For bag storage of grains “pucca” cement concrete or brick made store houses are recommended.
3ai) by seeds
3aiv) Spacing of citrus (7 m x 7 m)
3av) Common diseases of citrus
Bacterial blast.
Citrus nematode.

3b) Surface irrigation is where water is applied and distributed over the soil surface by gravity. It is by far the most common form of irrigation throughout the world and has been practiced in many areas virtually unchanged for thousands of years.

3bii)Surface drainage refers to the removal of surfacewater by development of the slope of the land utilizing systems of drains to carry away the surplus water. In subsurface drainage open ditches and tile fields intercept groundwater and carry it off.
In a tabular form

(i) Bacteria
(ii) Cattle, sheep, goat
(iii) Fever, loss of appetite
(iv) Proper vaccination

(v) Fungi
(vi) Dog, pig
(vii) Cough, fever
(viii) Proper vaccination or isolation of affected animals

(i) It helps to improve hygiene of the chickens
(ii) It also helps to reduce incidence of friction.
(iii) It helps to reduce excess exercises thereby leading to a better production.
(iv) It leads to lost cost.
(v) It does not require the problem of letters.

(i) It leads to higher incidence of foot lesions.
(ii) It leads to high incidence of metabolic disorder.
(iii) Lack of dust bathing opportunities.
(iv) Lack of behavioural opportunities.
(v) It may lead to high risk of diseases.
Balance sheet as at 31st December.

Under Right.
Loan payable to cooperation 250,000
Debit payable to feed Miller’s 100,000

Capital outlay 600,000

Under Left.
Closing valuation 600,000
Cash in bank 250,000
Debit received from egg seller 100,000

(i)to know the financial position of the farm business
(ii)it reveal the assest and liabilities of the farm business

(i)commercial bank
(ii)government agruculral grant
(iii)personal saving
(iv)agricultural credits scheme
(v)agricultural cooperation societies

(i)woodshaving is durable
(ii)woodshaving do not cake up easily
(iii)it does not harbours bacteria as that of saw dust.

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