Waec Fishery Question OBJ & Essay Answer – 2022 Expo

WAEC (Fisheries) Answer Obj & Essay – June/July Runz

WAEC 2022 Fisheries Expo Answer

A feeding regime is a plan that specifies a diet, amount and schedule of nutritional intake.

– By hand
– By automatic feeders
– By demand feeders

– It is possible to adjust the feed requirements of the fish.
– You don’t have to be present to feed your fish.
– The level of the feed in the container is a good indication of the condition of the fish.

Monoculture is the cultivation or growth of a single crop or organism especially on agricultural or forest land

Polyculture is the practice of growing more than one crop species in the same space, at the same time.

Integrated fish farming systems refer to the production, integrated management and comprehensive use of aquaculture, agriculture and livestock, with an emphasis on aquaculture.


– Trawls and dredges
– Seine nets

– longlines
– Traps and pots.

– Use mesh rod covers when transporting your fishing rods.
– Keep your rods straight and together while on the boat.
– Remove any hooks or lures after fishing

– The possibility of fishing in all available depths.
– The possibility of fishing on any slope of the bottom.
– The possibility of fishing in almost all habitats – in lake/ reservoir.

– Handline
– Yoke
– Mesh
– Braille lines
– Lead lines




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